Kamil Tarnawski, psychoterapeuta kraków, psychotherapist krakow

Kamil Tarnawski – psychotherapist, social graduate at the Jagiellonian University in the field of social work, graduate from the European Social Work at the Portsmouth University (UK) and certificated training within the Polish Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy (PIPI). Furthermore, I hold the recommendation and the certifikate of psychotherapy issued by the Polish Association for Integrative Psychotherapy  (PTPI). Finally, I completed following occupational training: DSM-IV TR clinical diagnostics; Integrative Short-term Psychotherapy; Anxiety Disorders, Integrative Systemic Depression Therapy; and Hypnosis (basic and advanced degree). 

My work is regularly supervised by credited supervisors of the Polish Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy  and the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).



kamil tarnawski, psychotherapist krakow, british council

I am a participant of the British Council – Intercultural Navigators program, an innovative intercultural leadership project aiming to develop groups of young leaders in Europe who can easily ‘navigate’ within and between different cultures – who are aware of their own cultural backgrounds and who are able and open to accept, respect and understand other cultures.